Dot Doctor


The Dot Doctor is the fastest, easiest way to accurately drill precisely placed holes for side dot inlays.  Simply double stick tape a shim of your desired thickness to the Dot Doctor, align the indicator line with your pencil mark on your fretboard, clamp, and drill.  It’s simple and repeatable!

Don’t forget to use a sharp, high quality drill bit!

Pairs well with the ELEVATE Dot Driller.

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2mm Dot Doctor$57.68


3/32″ Dot Doctor



2mm Drill Bit



3/32″ Drill Bit




I used the Dot Doctor the other day. I raise my glass.
~A.J. Hancock, Diamondback Stringworks
The Dot Doctor is an easy-to-use and precise little jig that makes my life in the shop easier.
~Peggy White, Peggy White Guitars
Never let your fret position dots wander off aimlessly again. The ELEVATE Dot Doctor is just about as perfect tool as it gets.
~Jeff Jewitt, Jewitt Guitars

Additional information


-Solid aluminum jig
-Hardened steel drill bushing