Dot Driller


The ELEVATE Dot Driller makes it quick and easy to create your own dots for inlay from a variety of materials.  The tool is designed to be used in a drill press.  Simply plunge the tool into the material like a drill bit. Retract the tool when it breaks thru the material or when the plug breaks free.  Turn off the machine and use the spring-loaded ejector pin to remove the plug- then repeat.

*Hard materials like pearl are hard on cutters.  Firm work holding such as clamping down the material is recommended to reduce the chance of wear and/or tool breakage. Not intended for use in metal.

Pairs well with the ELEVATE Dot Doctor.

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The Dot Driller has expanded my design options for fretboard and bridge pin inlays. Where I was previously limited to metal rods and tubes, and mass-produced, generic dots, the Dot Driller allows me to create unique inlays to achieve personalized and cohesive aesthetics on my instruments.

~Theunis Fick, Theunis Fick Guitars

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-Tool Steel Body
-Spring Loaded Aluminum Ejector Pin