Dot Locator


Turn an ordinary handheld drill into a precise tool for fret marker inlays. The Dot Locator references the fingerboard taper and the fret slots to accurately and repeatably position your drill bit in the perfect location for dot inlays.  With two different widths of points that fit into the fret slots, this handy jig can handle most fretboards- from ukuleles to baritones.  The jig can even tackle off center dots such as double dots on the 12th fret.  

Using a dot size other than 1/4″?  The Dot Locator is still the most accurate way to mark locations for drilling dots.  Simply use a transfer punch to mark the board and then drill.

Don’t forget to use a high-quality drill bit and a depth stop collar.

**The Dot Locator is intended for use on flat fretboards, prior to establishing the radius.**

Pairs well with the ELEVATE Dot Driller.

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Dot Locator



1/4″ Brad Point Drill Bit



Depth Stop Collar



1/4″ Transfer Punch




Well thought-out, high-quality tool that’s very easy to use. Getting your dots in exactly the right location every time becomes virtually foolproof.
~ Andy Bounsall, Bounsall Guitarworks

Locating fret markers was always a struggle before the Dot Locater came along. Its unique design makes this job super easy to drill the fret marker dots and to get it bang on every time. It’s definitely one of my favorite tools in my shop!
~Jonathan Croft, Croft Customs

Additional information


-Steel body with two sets of points that fit most scale lengths
-Adjustable aluminum clamp that fits most common fingerboard widths

What’s Included

-Steel jig body
-Aluminum articulating clamp
-Hardened steel 1/4" drill bushing