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The ELEVATE Fret Press System easily adapts to 3/4″ and 1″ ram arbor presses without the need for modification.  It employs wide, machined brass cauls that transition between two radii.   This makes the Fret Press System perfect for compound radius fingerboards.  But it’s also great for boards with an odd radius and/or rolled edges.

Assembling and mounting the system requires no specialty tools.  The cauls attach to the adapter with two screws.  The adapter then mounts to the ram of an arbor press with the turn of a couple of knobs.  In no time, you’ll be pressing in frets on a wide range of fingerboards.

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Designed in collaboration with luthier Micah Bruce.

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When I needed to upgrade my fret press system, I turned to Chris at ELEVATE.  Since our arbor was a bit larger than his standard sizes, Chris custom made us attachments for our press to work with his radius cauls.  The result was the best fretting system I have ever had in 50 years of guitar making.    It took our fret work to next level of excellence!”

~Roger Sadowsky, Sadowsky Guitars

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What's Included

-Fret Press System adapter
-(2) Caul mounting screws
(Cauls sold separately)


-Compatible with 3/4" and 1" ram arbor presses
-No arbor press modification required
-Wide brass cauls transition between two radii
-Great for compound radius fingerboard
-Great for fingerboard with odd radii and/or rolled edges