Neck Angle Jig


The ELEVATE Neck Angle Jig turns a common 6×48 stationary belt sander into a neck setting tool. No large, bulky jigs required.  Simply attach the jig to your belt sander and use the adjustment knobs to set the pitch and angle of the neck.  Built in lock knobs hold your settings while sanding.  These knobs also make it easy to tweak your settings to get the perfect fit.

*Custom assembly required to fit the jig to your sander.  Hardware not included. 

Pairs well with the ELEVATE Variable M&T Routing Jig.

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Neck Angle Jig




To say the ELEVATE Neck Angle Jig is a “Game Changer” would be clichéd. It does not change the Game. It makes the Game better.  Paired with the ELEVATE Variable M&T Routing Jig, it makes working out the neck angle a simple task with a few easy adjustments. Once mounted on your sanding device, you’re set to go with flawless results that can be repeated for any instrument you build. It worked perfectly for me the first time I used it with very little “tweaking”. Every ELEVATE tool I have purchased has been precisely made with quality engineering. Thanks for these wonderful tools.
~Robin Lawless, TempleLands Guitars

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-All aluminum construction
-Large knobs for easy adjustment of pitch and angle
-Lock knobs hold settings during use