Neck Bolt Counterbore


The Neck Bolt Counterbore makes it easy to recess your bolt-on neck hardware from outside the instrument.  By doing this step after the block has been glued in place, you’ll avoid the issue of misaligned holes- which leads to misaligned hardware between the body and the neck.  This simple tool can save you a heap of frustration in your build process and adds a touch of class to your finished instrument.

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Neck Bolt Counterbore



I’ve been using this Neck Bolt Counterbore since I switched to bolted necks a few years ago. Simple to use and produces a perfectly clean counterbore every time – highly recommended.
I’ve used counterbores for several years to counter sink neck bolts. Some are pretty good, but not great. This one is at least a few steps ahead of the ones I’ve used in the past. The shaft is a few thousandths under a 1/4″, it fits just right in a 1/4″ hole to not wobble and still turn freely. It also leaves the bottom of the hole dead flat. It does exactly what it is supposed to do very well.

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-Works with handheld drill
-Replaceable head with set screw


– 3/4" head diameter
– .240" shaft diameter
– 2 1/4" + shaft length when head is attached