Truss Rod Slotting Jig Plus


Don’t let the name of the ELEVATE Truss Rod Slotting Jig Plus fool you.  This jig is designed to tackle three separate tasks.  The first is cutting the slot for your truss rod.  The jig centers on the neck blank using articulating clamps that reference the outside edges.   Once located, use the countersunk holes on the jigs routing surface to screw the jig to the neck with short wood screws.  Then use the included brass bushing and a router to cut the slot.  It can even handle necks with headstock overlays thanks to the machined ledge on the underside of the routing template.

The second task this jig handles is aligning a neck and fingerboard for glue up.  Similar to the Fingerboard Locating Jig, there are four hardened drill bushings in the jig’s body that ensure accurate and repeatable drill locations in both the neck and the underside of the fingerboard.  Once the holes are drilled in each part, simply insert a 3/16″ plastic locating pin in each hole and snap the parts together.  However, the Truss Rod Slotting Jig Plus differs in the placement of these drill bushings.  They are spaced both wider and further apart to allow the jig to be used on necks with carbon fiber reinforcement rods and to place the pins closer to attachment end of the neck. 

The third task is drilling holes for fret marker inlays.  How?  The clamps used for locating the Truss Rod Slotting Jig Plus are actually the same clamp used for the Dot Locator– a handy little jig that references the fingerboard taper and the fret slots to accurately and repeatably position your drill bit in the perfect location for dot inlays.  With two different widths of points that fit into the fret slots, this jig can handle most fretboards scale lengths.  The jig can even tackle off center dots such as double dots on the 12th fret.

**Jig intended for use before cutting slots for carbon fiber reinforcement rods, Dot Locator is intended for use on flat fretboards- prior to establishing the radius, drill bushings in template not suited for small instruments such as ukuleles.**

See more information below under the “product information” tab.

Designed in collaboration with luthier Zac DelVecchio.

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Available Options

Truss Rod Slotting Jig Plus (see what’s included below)



3/16″ Brad Point Drill Bit (for fingerboard locating)



3/16″ Depth Stop Collar (for fingerboard locating)



Extra 3/16″ x 1/4″ Locating Pins (sold individually, for fingerboard locating)



1/4″ Brad Point Drill Bit (for Dot Locator)



1/4″ Depth Stop Collar (for Dot Locator)



1/4″ Transfer Punch (for Dot Locator)




I use the Truss Rod Slotting Jig Plus because of the quality craftsmanship and precision it is capable of when executing its intended task. Chris’ tools are my “go to” option for high quality tools when precision and consistency are paramount.
~ Jason Kostal, Kostal Guitars

I used the Truss Rod Slotting Jig Plus just yesterday on one of the guitars I’m making.  It takes no time to set up and with a template bushing on a smaller router I was done in almost no time.  I take a few passes to make sure that I ‘m not too deep.  I have most of ELEVATE’s tools and find them very well thought out.
~ David Root

This is a 3-in-1 tool to cut the truss rod slot, to align the neck and fingerboard for glue up, and to drill holes for fret marker inlays. It will be a useful addition to your toolbox, whether you make or repair guitars.
~ Steven Law

The Truss Rod Slotting Jig Plus, like all of the tools made by ELEVATE, is another solid quality tool.  It is reassuring to know that this jig is going to take the guesswork out of several tasks. As long as my neck blank is square and have centered the jig on the neck, my truss rod slot is going to be centered.  Plus, after drilling the holes in the neck and fingerboard for the location pins, I have a foolproof and repeatable way to ensure the correct alignment of the fingerboard on the neck for glue-up. For me it is well worth the investment.
~Steve Juehring

Additional information

What's Included

-Truss Rod Slotting Jig Plus routing template
-Dot Locator- (2) clamps, (1) body
-3/8" Router bushing
-(10) Plastic locating pins


-Machined ledge allows template to extend over headstock overlay
-Centers on outside tapers or outside straight edges
-Hardened drill bushings- used for locating the fingerboard to the neck during glue ups
-Bushing sets labeled for easy use
-Bushing spacing wide enough for necks with carbon fiber reinforcement rods
-Dot Locator can be used for centered or offset dots

Truss Rod Compatibility

-Max width: 1/4"
-Max Length: 15 7/8" (depending on access side on instrument and size of rod used)

Bushing Spacing

-1 3/16" apart on center
-Set 1- 1/2" on center from end
-Set 2- 9 1/2" on center from end