Lutherie Tools, Products, & Services

ELEVATE || Next Level Lutherie

is dedicated to professional grade tools, products, and services to take your instrument building to the next level.  Owned and operated by luthier Chris Ensor, ELEVATE was borne out of a need for precision tooling.  The response from the lutherie community was overwhelming- a shared desire for something better.  For those who are serious about this craft, hobby level and single-use type tools simply don’t cut it.

This is a passion driven community.  ELEVATE shares that passion- wanting you, the builder, to be able to trust what you buy so that you can focus on the end goal- creating beautiful instruments so that musicians can create beautiful music.  It all starts with passion and precision.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a veteran builder, ELEVATE is here to provide you with the tools, products, and services you need.  Build better instruments with more repeatability and relieve some of the stress in your build process by buying quality.