Fingerboard Locating Jig


The ELEVATE Fingerboard Locating Jig is designed to take the guess work out of aligning a fretboard on a neck for glue ups.  The jig easily and accurately locates in two different ways- via the truss rod slot or by clamping onto straight or tapered edges.  This is achieve by utilizing either the included truss rod centering pins or by using the built-in articulating clamps.

This jig’s body contains four hardened drill bushings that ensure accurate and repeatable drill locations in both the underside of the fingerboard and the neck.  Once the holes are drilled in each part, simply insert a 3/16″ plastic locating pin in each hole and snap the parts together.

Add a depth stop for added accuracy and don’t forget to use a sharp drill bit.

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What's Included

-Fretboard Locating Jig Body
-(2) Truss Rod Centering Pin
-(10) plastic locating pins


-All aluminum construction
-Centers on truss rod slot, outside tapers, or outside straight edges
-Outside edge clamping range approximately 3 1/8" – 1 1/8"
-Bushing sets labeled for easy use