Variable Side Clamps


ELEVATE Variable Side Clamps will help you step up your side reinforcement.  The simple step of gluing in side braces is often overlooked in the build process.  And even when side braces are used, the step is rarely given much thought.  But how the braces are glued in makes a difference.  Unlike other methods, ELEVATE Variable Side Clamps help maintain a flat surface across the width of the side during glue up- and flat sides lead to easier binding and finish.

Easy, fast, and fully adjustable, these clamps are the best way to glue in side braces without a doubt.

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**Due to current supply chain issues, knobs may vary**

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It always amazes me at how innovative and clever luthiers can be with designing tools. The ELEVATE Variable Side Clamps have been in steady use for 6 years in my shop and they really solve the annoying issue of getting the small side braces easily clamped. I couldn’t recommend them more.
~ Jeff Jewitt, Jewitt Guitars

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-Adjustable second knob position
-Solid aluminum construction

What's Included

-Solid aluminum clamp with steel screws and plastic knobs
-Protective feet