Bridge Locating Jig


The ELEVATE Bridge Locating Jig makes it simple to repeat-ably place bridges on instruments with common scale lengths.  The jig self-centers on the neck and indexes off the nut end of the fingerboard.  The sliding mechanism includes two drill bushings that can be used to drill into the jig rail to save your settings for the scale length of your choosing.  Two adjustment fingers in the slider allow the jig to be used with right handed, left handed, and even multi-scale instruments.   The double sided adjustment fingers enable the jig to be used based off the saddle slot of the bridge or the front edge of the bridge.  

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Designed in collaboration with luthier Ben Gormly.

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What's Included

-Bridge Locating Jig Body
-(2) Indexing Pins


-Self centering
-2 hardened drill bushings in slider for indexing
-Easily indexable to different scale lengths
-Can handle right handed, left handed, and multi-scale
-Hooks to the end of the fingerboard
-References the saddle slot (most common widths) or the front of the bridge