Headstock Drilling Jig


The ELEVATE Headstock Drilling Jig makes drilling accurately positioned holes for tuners a breeze.  The drill guide fingers index off the edge of the headstock regardless of if your headstock shape has straight or curved edges.  No drill press required.  An ordinary handheld drill is all that’s needed.  Simply clamp and jig in place, tighten down the knobs and you’re ready to drill.  The Headstock Drilling Jig can even handle stepped holes for tuners that utilize bushings.

Don’t forget to use high quality drill bits. (sold separately)

Jig body and drill guide finger sets sold individually.

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Available Options

Headstock Drilling Jig Body (drill guide fingers sold separately)$118.44
1/4" Drill Guide Fingers (set of 3)$89.35
11/32" Drill Guide Fingers (set of 3)$89.35
10mm Drill Guide Fingers (set of 3)$89.35

1/4″ Drill Bit

11/32" Drill Bit $8.62

11/32″ Depth Stop


10mm Drill Bit


Additional information


-Accurately locates off both straight and curved edge headstock designs
-Tuner spacing: 1 1/2" apart, 1/2" from edge on center
-Center indicators for easy alignment with tuner positioning on headstock
-Useable on headstocks ranging in width from 1.56" – 4"
-Hardened drill bushings

What’s Included

Jig Body:
-Solid aluminum body
-(3) Lock knobs and washers
Drill Guide Fingers:
-Set of 3
-Hardened drill bushings