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The ELEVATE Precision Circle Cutter makes cutting tight fitting inlays simple and accurate.  With an approximate cutting range of 2″d – 26″d (depending on cutter size), this tool can handle everything from small inlays to rosettes and radius dish blanks.

The Precision Circle Cutter is designed to work with compact plunge routers.  The system slides on precision ground linear rails and adjustments are made via an acme lead screw that’s driven by a micrometer knob.  All this leads to a highly precise, rigid setup that makes it easy to cut a variety of rosette styles- from traditional to modern, segmented designs.

Want to cut straight features?  Add the Fence Accessory to this setup to take advantage of the micrometer adjustability for straight cuts like truss rod slots, slotted headstocks and more.

Works well with Upcut Inlay Bits.

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Precision Circle Cutter



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I have never been fully satisfied with using a Dremel for cutting the rosette channels, so was delighted when ELEVATE brought out this robust jig. It is simple to use, accurate and, given it accommodates a heavier trimmer style router (I use a Makita), it has a satisfying weight helping to achieve a crisper edge to the channel.
~Ultan Walsh, Ultan Walsh Irish Bouzoukis

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-Solid aluminum components
-Precision ground steel rails
-Acme lead screw
-Micrometer adjustment knob

What's Included

-Precision Circle Cutter base
-1/4" steel pin


Compact plunge routers by:
-Porter Cable