Variable Dovetail Routing Jig


The ELEVATE Variable Dovetail Routing Jig makes routing a traditional style dovetail joint quick and easy on everything from jumbos to ukuleles*.  The jig is designed so that the resulting joint doesn’t bottom out in the pocket without the need to reset the height of your router bit. 

The jig can easily be centered on the neck or body with the truss rod centering pin or the centerline indication edge.  The top routing surface pivots to match the angle of the body and neck and is locked in place with 2 screws on the side of the jig.  Then it’s as simple as clamping everything in place and routing.

Don’t want to change the position of the angle plate between routing positions?  Add an additional angle plate for the ultimate set-up.

Pairs well with the ELEVATE Neck Angle Jig.

**It’s the luthier’s responsibility to confirm the compatibility of this jig with the instrument being constructed.  For that reason, testing on scrap before using on an instrument is recommended.** 

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Variable Dovetail Routing Jig (router bit and conical centering pin included)



Additional Angle Plate



Dovetail Router Bit



1/4" Truss Rod Centering Pin$12.06



I have been doing dovetails for 20 years, so when I tell you that this is the single best dovetail cutting jig on the market today, I know what I’m talking about, and I damn well mean it.  Absolutely, hands down worth the money.
~Butch Boswell, Boswell Guitars

Additional information

What's Included

-Variable Dovetail Routing Jig body
-Angle plate
-(1) Conical truss rod centering pin
-Dovetail router bit (10 degree, 1/4" shaft)


-Approximate range of female dovetail: 1 1/4"- 3 3/4" (depending on neck set angle)
-Female dovetail deeper than male dovetail to ensure the joint doesn't bottom out*
-All aluminum construction
-Conforms to the angle of the body and neck for precise routing
-Easily center-able via truss rod slot
-Works with all common neck angles