Variable M&T Drilling Jig


Ever go to join the neck and body only to find the holes in the head block don’t line up with the hardware in the tenon?  That’s the exact problem the Variable M&T Drilling Jig solves.  By using precision stainless steel drill guides that index into the body of the jig, this set up ensures you’re drilling in the same spot every time.

The jig body has two areas for drill guides- one for end grain tenon inserts and one for cross grain tenon inserts.  So whether you use screw in inserts or barrel nuts, this jig has you covered.

Don’t forget to use high quality drill bits. (sold separately)

Additional drill guides are available separately.

Compatible with the ELEVATE M&T Routing Jig.

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-Jig body fit's tightly in a 3/4" or 7/8" mortise or tenon (choose size)
-Indexable drill guides allow repeatable precision with a handheld drill
-Works for both screw type inserts and barrel nut type inserts.

What’s Included

-Solid aluminum body
-(2) Indexable stainless steel drill guides- 1/4" & 3/8"