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When it comes to ELEVATE Rolling Pin Sanders, you now have options: the Original (seen here) and V2.

The Original ELEVATE Rolling Pin Sander is the perfect binding prep tool.  Sand the sides of your instrument in a fraction of the time and ensure a flat surface across their width.  It fits in a standard handheld drill- adding the benefit of variable speed control.  But it’s not just for binding prep.  The Original Rolling Pin Sander is great for cleaning up the inside of sides before gluing in blocks and linings.  It’s also very handy when shaping the neck heel profile.

The drum of the Original Rolling Pin Sander works with sanding sleeves.  It’s compressed between two nuts to hold the sandpaper in place.

Don’t forget to order extra sandpaper!

Need to work on tight curves?  Check out these small accessories for the Original Rolling Pin Sander.

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Original Rolling Pin Sander

80 grit sanding sleeve $4.97
120 grit sanding sleeve $4.97
180 grit sanding sleeve$4.97
240 grit sanding sleeve$4.97


I have used rolling pin style sanders before and have been pretty unimpressed with the quality. Most were inflatable systems that created a rounded or uneven surface when sanded and burst if inflated too quickly. As a result I walked away from those styles of sanders and have been sanding sides and cutaways by hand for years. I recently came across the rolling pin sander offered by ELEVATE and decided to give it a try. The hard rubber drum allows for a relatively flat and true sanding surface with very little clean up. It is the first time in a very long time that I have been impressed with a new product and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in trying it out.
I had been using a pneumatic hand held drum sander to help sand the bent sides, but it had limitations on how flat I could get. It always required extra work to get flat sides. When Chris of ELEVATE introduced me to his Rolling Pin Sander, I couldn’t be happier. It sands flat and true! Plus it feels nice and sturdy to use. I highly recommend it!!
I finally got a chance to use the rolling pin sander tonight. Before my battery died I got a good section sanded on a mahogany acoustic, and it was effortless. I vehemently loathed sanding the sides flat before, using a block and various grits of sandpaper had my hands cussing me the next day.

Additional information


-Ground tool steel shaft
-Aluminum handle with integral ball bearing
-Solid drum
-Fits in a standard handheld drill

What's Included

-Rolling pin sander shaft and handle
-2 lock nuts, 2 washers
-Solid drum
-(1) 80 grit sleeve (installed)